So there, Mr Settembrini,
truth is... I’m still a student
and taking my first steps.

Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain

Settembrini is the road that hosts us.
Settembrini is a figure of the Italian Risorgimento.
A character in the Magic Mountain.
Settembrini is a restaurant, a cafè, a bookshop, a garden and much more.

Cafè, bistrot, deli, bookshop and so much more

Settembrini. One street different places a few steps away from each other. Every day. From 7 o'clock till one in the morning. Food and drink designed for every moment of the day with one underlying trait: extraordinary quality and extensive research of all our raw materials. Cafe, bistro, delicatessen, bookshop and much more. Ten different hand carved prosciutti from all over Italy, biscuits from small towns and provinces, cheeses produced by artisan dairies, a vast selection of juices and fruit extracts, two kitchens, a pastry lab, the best mozzarella.
Ideas, produce and passion.