Discover Settembrini

At the very beginning, in 2003, Settembrini was “only” a restaurant. It’s defining year was 2010 when Settembrini opened Settembrini Cafè and in November, across the road, in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore, it’s bookshop, Settembrini Libreria: bookshop, kitchen, delivery, take away. Settembrini is not only a meeting place and a social space but also your home. A place best experienced and dicovered little by little, an engaging, laid back, carefree world and a place full of history and events, of food and kitchens, of wines and cellars, of pantries and living rooms. We love to believe that walking into one of our locations is like walking into your own home. Our home.

Our kitchen

Settembrini has different kitchens, one for each of its souls. There is something for everyone no matter what you are looking for and all share the same underlying philosophy: dishes suited to modern life-styles, the finest raw ingredients, distintive flavours, balanced cooking methods and original recipes. Settembrini’s variety and choice is never intimidating because it is always motivated by quality.

The wine cellar

Man and soil. This is the founding principle and philosphy of the Settembrini cellar. Lands and winemakers exemplary of work in the vineyards and authenticity. The restaurant’s cellar looks mainly at the North of Italy and often further, across to the Alps. The wine selection becomes a journey through Italian and French viticulture. As for sparkling wines? Produced almost everywhere these day and often with mediocre results and high prices we have decided to focus on an outstanding selection of more popular and accessible Champagnes, a selection which has now become one of our key strenghts. We have around 100 Champagnes and 350 wine bottles on our wine list of which around 60% come from Bourgoyne.
“Le vin c’est bon pour le coeur!”

The idea

This historic roman place which has reshaped and rethought notions and ideas related to food, wine and life-styles, has today many souls which merge into one project: make people who choose to sit at it’s tables feel great. No matter where this is: at the cafè shading from the sun under its large canopies during breakfast, lunch or a smart aperitivo, at the restaurant for dinner, in its warm and enveloping atmosphere, surrounded by black and white photographs and bottles of wine or in the bookshop where you can enjoy a quick lunch. Settembrini is a reality that works thanks to its versatile identity: a bar, a tea room, a special setting for aperitivo, a refined restaurant, a book-shop with an open plan kitchen on the other side of the road, a literary cafè in Rome’s historic town centre. The end result of this mix is a fashionable, contemporary, young and dinamic setting flavoured by a charming atmosphere. The embodiment of and idea of catering focused on and driven by notions of hospitality, care, attention to detail and conviviality.