The souls of Settembrini are many, the atmosphere a: discreet, collection. Lying on couches, between books and pillows, or, on the wooden benches of the outdoor seating, you can eat or enjoy a glass, sip tea, enjoy a coffee. By Settembrini there is the right atmosphere to talk amongst yourselves. If you prefer to log in, if you want to contact friends away, whether for business or pleasure you need to surf the net from us the WI-FI is free.

Just as if you were at home we’d love to see you take the via Settembrini, visit curious kitchen and cellar, make a nice stop in the dining room, looking out from his sunlit terrace by day and the lights in the evening, sit down for a cup of tea in our living room. Then you will discover the pantry, to smile between stories, bottles, products and curious objects. In our sunny veranda guests can relax with an enjoyable read with a coffee, surrounded by beauty. This is our idea of hospitality.

Champagne Bar

100 Champagnes and 400 wine bottles of which around 60% come from Bourgoyne. They company in an intimate environment in which to have a chat and listen to good music. Every evening, from 21.30 at 01.30, a place where the bubbles and the wines can make a difference every day, an occasion or a meeting, so special to make a mark.


Man and the Earth. The winery’s philosophy revolves around this thought Settembrini. Territories and winemakers expression of the work in the vineyard and genuineness. A look primarily towards the North, which often crosses the Alps.


That’s why once a week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday from 20.00 to 21.30, Cantina Settembrini open the door and especially her bottles, curious and fans who want to taste and share unique and unobtainable wines, selected by Luca Boccoli, incomparable storyteller of wine, grapes and wine growers.


The dining room with its veranda, the dehors. You will experience a charming informality. Throughout the day and night, for breakfast, lunch, aperitivo or supper you can sit outside surrounded by greenery or choose to relax inside in the dining room, snuggling amongst soft cushions, surrounded by books.

Settembrini is Café, bistro, deli, wine cellar. The barman prepares classic cocktails and contemporary inventions. The space is a clever mix of warmth and simplicity. You eat surrounded by black and white photographs and you drink wines selected with particular care.

The dishes are fun and suited to the lifestyles of today: great raw materials, net flavors, balanced cooking and original recipes. A variety that does not scare why more inspired by the quality. The restaurant often organizes social evenings and meetings with producers and cooks.

Settembrini Libri&Cucina

Is the parlour of Settembrini, direct and attended with passion. Among the books, cuisine touches moderately fusion, in which Asian spices can merge with Mediterranean fragrances.

You can arrange the dish directly by choosing the window with an open kitchen: wok, steam and slow cooking, with a daily changing menu and gives you the possibility to have fun to build the pot: bases like basmati rice, Venus, uncut, barley, spelt, quinoa or cous cous to combine with fish, meat or vegetables. All expressed the preparations, wines by the glass that change daily, selected music and free wi-fi are also available. The evenings in library spending between ramen and noodles, with a card in which the Japanese dishes are reinterpreted in the Mediterranean. The library also does take away service.

Aperitivo time often hosts book signings and meetings with authors. Every day a new offer with different ingredients to combine into three types of menu:
base + 3 servings of vegetables at choice 8.00
base + 2 vegetable + 1 meat portion servings 10.00
base + 2 portions of vegetables + 1 portion of fish 12.00
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Il Blog di Settembrini

(ITALIANO) Il Sabato di Settembrini Libri e Cucina: Impara a cucinare con Dario Murolo:

Sabato 29 ottobre, dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 18.00 Settembrini presenta Sabato 29 ottobre, dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 18.00 Settembrini presenta La prima cooking experience

(ITALIANO) Giovedì 27 ottobre, dalle ore 19.00 SETTEMBRINI Presenta  La Natura dell’Altura

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Cena con Danilo Ciavattini: Profumi dei campi della Tuscia

La genuinità contadina e la stagionalità della campagna sposano l’eccellenza di un grande champagne in una serata da non perdere. Detentore di una stella Michelin, guadagnata all’Enoteca La Torre (VT)

Serata Food Panda a Settembrini

  Il 22 aprile scorso si è celebrata la Giornata della Terra (Earth Day), grande manifestazione promossa dalla ONG internazionale Earth Day Network, che dal 1970 cerca di coinvolgere e sensibilizzare quanti

Da Settembrini Libri&Cucina si mangia peruviano. Quarta tappa di Cene dal Mondo

Da Settembrini Libri&Cucina torna l’appuntamento con i sapori di terre lontane. Nell’ambito della rassegna Cene dal Mondo, lunedì 30 maggio ci spostiamo in Perù: una cucina influenzata da anni e anni di

Lancio della nuova drink list semestrale: The Power Of Flowers by Luca Picchi

  Martedì 24 maggio Settembrini presenta la nuova linea di cocktail “The Power Of Flowers” con durata semestrale, a cura di Luca Picchi. La lista dei drinks di Settembrini dunque

Da Settembrini Libri&Cucina si mangia eritreo. Seconda tappa di Cene dal Mondo

  Da Settembrini Libri&Cucina tornano i sapori di altri luoghi. Nell’ambito della rassegna Cene dal Mondo, martedì 26 aprile vi porteremo in Eritrea per farvi assaggiare una vera cucina africana per gusto,

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