The dining room with its veranda, the dehors. You will experience a charming informality. Throughout the day and night, for breakfast, lunch, aperitivo or supper you can sit outside surrounded by greenery or choose to relax inside in the dining room, snuggling amongst soft cushions, surrounded by books.




The café is home to a coffee bar, a deli, an icecream corner, a cocktail bar where Settembrini’s barman, has fun preparing gin & lemonade. Our pastry-making whose creations are driven by detailed study, careful research and desire to experiment.

cocktail bar

The dishes on offer are fun and suited to modern life-styles, the finest raw ingredients, distinctive flavours, balanced cooking methods and original recipes. The variety and choice is never intimidating because it is always motivated by quality. The cafè often organises social evenings and meetings and events with producers and chefs.


Settembrini Cafè’s menus

Afternoon Tea


Settembrini Café
via L. Settembrini, 21
00195 Roma
T. +39 06/97610325

The cafè is open 7 days a week from 7.00am to 1.30 am. Sunday it opens at 8.00am