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Settembrini is the road that hosts us. Settembrini is a figure of the Italian Risorgimento. A character in The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. In the same street, a few meters from each other, there are several places. Every day at least one is in business. From 07.00 am to 01.30 at night.  An offer that changes with each passing hour, but a single footprint: quality and looking for great products. Cafe, bistro, deli, restaurant, library, wine cellar, e- commerce, garden and more. Ten different types of ham from Italy to be cut with a knife, cookies from each province, cheeses from small producers, fruit juice and centrifuges of all kinds, three kitchens, a pastry shop, the best mozzarella. Ideas, products and passion.

About us


At the very beginning, in 2003, Settembrini was “only” a restaurant. It’s defining year was 2010 when Settembrini opened Settembrini Cafè and in November, across the road, in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore, it’s bookshop, Settembrini Libreria: bookshop, kitchen, delivery, take away. Settembrini is not only a meeting place and a social space but also your home. A place best experienced and dicovered little by little, an engaging, laid back, carefree world and a place full of history and events, of food and kitchens, of wines and cellars, of pantries and living rooms. We love to believe that walking into one of our locations is like walking into your own home. Our home.

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Free, Fast, Eco-friendly: Free Meadows is the delivery service at home weblog Settembrini. Thought for the Prati district and surroundings, it uses of bicycles, electric vehicles, quality and so much confidence. Tuesday to Saturday, you can do your shopping directly from the pantry to Settembrini, choosing à la carte, or from home through the dedicated section on our website. No expectations, dies and the cashier, will receive at home a special daily shopping, of selected products since unobtainable, at prices that will surprise even the supermarket assortments . Milk and milk products , cheese and cold cuts, white and red meat, smoked in addition to breads, oils and wines; selected and delivered with care and attention. Free Meadows; you rest while we ‘re going to pedal up and down between authenticity and passion for foods that are good for life, because eating with taste and intelligence, certainly helps to live better.

Discover perfection everyday in ordinary things
00195 Roma. Via Luigi Settembrini, 21
+39 (06) 97610325
Mon – Sun | 07:00 am – 01:00 am
Settembrini Libri&Cucina
00195 Roma. Piazza dei Martiri di Belfiore, 12
+39 (06) 97277242
Mon – Sat | 11:00 am – 23:30 pm – Sun closed

From our Blog

(ITALIANO) Il Sabato di Settembrini Libri e Cucina: Impara a cucinare con Dario Murolo:

Sabato 29 ottobre, dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 18.00 Settembrini presenta Sabato 29 ottobre, dalle ore 16.00 alle ore 18.00 Settembrini presenta La prima cooking experience

(ITALIANO) Giovedì 27 ottobre, dalle ore 19.00 SETTEMBRINI Presenta  La Natura dell’Altura

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